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To have vigour, zest or spirit [bree oh]
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Consuming adequate amounts of quality protein each day helps maintain muscle mass, stabilize blood sugar, strengthen bones and promotes longevity. We dutifully select only the most nutrient dense cuts of protein from healthy free range and grass-fed sources to not only provide the necessary protein but also the fatty acid profile to fuel and support a LCHF lifestyle.

Bone Broth was the original superfood of almost every culture around the world


Bone Broth was the original superfood of almost every culture from around the world. It has been shown to reduce inflammation, boost your immune system and is high in collagen based amino acids, essential minerals and fats. Making it a gut-healing beverage, flu-fighter, light meal and the perfect all-natural post workout all in one.


Raw Bowls and Smoothies are a great way to cleanse the body from having to break down complex protein sources, an easy way to “eat the rainbow” and everyone’s fave insta post. Now with a low fructose, banana free option for our low carb devotees.

Including plenty of raw fruits and vegetables in your diet ensures you don’t miss out on a range of enzymes



Following a ketogenic lifestyle doesn’t mean you need to miss out on indulgent, satisfying snacks. LCHF (low carb high fat) treats are one of the ways to make keto a lifestyle and not a passing fad.

Coffee for those that are serious about their performance


What is a Bulletproof™ Coffee? Coffee for those that are serious about their daily performance. A morning “Bullet” (as advocates like us call it) helps put you into the state of peak performance, optimal brain function and fat burning.

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